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Welcome to the Mindless Wiki, founded by the Wiki's own TimeMan007 on April 28, 2012! The Mindless Wiki gives you all the upcoming information, pictures, and news on the upcoming book MINDLESS, written by me! I am currently in the Draft 1 phase and hope to get the book possibly published by Early 2015, but, as we all know, publishing is hell and could easily take longer than that. So. What is MINDLESS? Mindless is a book about a teenager (age 12) named Todd who wakes up from a coma. He is one of the main characters of Mindless and doesn't know the cause of his coma, and only his mother is alive. His father, he thinks, committed suicide. Todd's whole life was a dream. And it's up to him to unravel the secrets of his hellish past. Packed with action, suspense, drama, and even some romance, MINDLESS will keep you turning the 374 page book! Log on daily to get more information on news. Be sure to tell you friends! A sequel to Mindless called Helpless is due April 2016 if Mindless is successful.

I'm also writing another book called Time Man. I don't want to bore you with the details, but if it sounds cool, you can find the Time Man wiki here:

(It's called Secrets of the Future Wiki because that was what the book was originally called)

I hope MINDLESS WIKI intrigues you and gets you hyped up and ready for the MINDLESS release in Early 2015!


May 14, 2012-

I'm not typing this whole week, just thinking. I have no objective for Todd at all, and early in the book, I need to hint atr an objective. I guess you say I have writer's block, but on Page 4? That would be pathetic. I knowe Mindless will be great. Just got to put effort and work into that.

Other DetailsEdit

Mindless should launch in Early 2015. Helpless is due in Early 2016 if Mindless is successful and it is published on schedule. The first few sentences of the first book will be uploaded on FanFiction in May!

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